Roseanne S1E6 Review: “Lover’s Lane”

Roseanne and Dan hope to impress Becky's boyfriend

The foundation for their romance having been laid in the last episode, this episode’s main arc is Booker and Jackie’s flirting and “friendly wager.”  As a result, we get treated to some classic Clooney charm, and some confounding she-wore-that? fashion as the gang goes bowling. It’s the perfect exercise.  Six seconds of exercise, drink beer […]

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“Roseanne? Why?”


I’ve been asked this question many times, long before I decided to undertake this project.  Inexplicably, when I’ve told people how much I love this show, or when I asked for the 27-DVD set containing the entire series for Christmas a few years ago, I’ve been met with reactions to the effect of, “Why?”  Or, […]

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