I’ll be watching and reviewing all 222 episodes of Roseanne, in order.  There will be some recapping.  Mostly there will be reviewing, and virtue-extolling, and commentary.  There will be navel gazing, useless trivia, nostalgia, and rants about Becky.  Who is, as they say, literally the worst.

Becky is the worst

Want to know more?  There’s an intro post here.

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    • Hmm, it’s such a short clip it’s hard to tell. From her look it appears to be a later season, but she mentions Crystal, so it has to come before the late seasons where Crystal isn’t on the show anymore. Do you remember anything else about the episode?

      • All I can get from the short clip is that Roseanne is talking to Dan, who is in the kitchen. She says to him: “Well, so you’re back. You know, Crystal brought……”

        • What you’re describing is from the Season 6 episode “Past Imperfect”, which comes just before “Lies My Father Told Me”.

          The clip is after Dan has gone to his father’s house to confront him about a missed alimony support payment to his mom. Ed Connor is uncomfortable with the conversation, and keeps offering Dan maple syrup to take home with him. Dan gets frustrated, comes home awhile later, and Roseanne says: “… Crystal dropped off a whole case of that maple syrup…”.

          Hope that helps.

  1. I know you’re close to covering season 2, so I wanted to ask a question–in the “Sweet Dreams” episode, is there a part in the “courtroom” scene where Crystal goes on about how wonderful Dan is and how horrible Roseanne is for killing him? I remember that happening, but when the episode is on tv (TV Land, WE, or Logo), there’s no Crystal scene. Am I completely putting the scene in the incorrect episode or was I on something to give Crystal more airtime? 😐

    • No, you’re correct, there is a bit where Crystal tells the court how wonderful Dan is! That part must have been cut in syndication. I wonder what other bits and pieces get cut out of episodes to allow for more commercials during the marathons!

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